A trip to American isn't complete without the obligatory road trip. Hubby and I loved our road trip wheels – a Volkswagen Beetle that reminded me of my Morris Minor convertible back home in London.

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We drove through the desert past the Salton Sea to get to the remote Salvation Mountain. Salvation Mountain is one man's tribute to his God and love for life. Leonard Knight's message is "love is universal". It is a man made 50 foot high, 150 foot wide structure painstakingly built from clay over several years and lovingly painted with biblical messages and symbols of nature – flowers, trees, birds. 

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It is a happy and colourful place…you really do sense Leonard Knight's passion, ambition and love for this project. It was such a priviledge to not only be able to experience this magical place but to have had it all to ourselves during sunset!

Following the yellow brick road…

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Teletubbies on acid meets Tatooine (Star Wars)…I would love to return to style a photoshoot here…

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