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I thought it might be a good idea to kick start this online journal by introducing myself.  I did my first internship (many years ago) at Elle Hong Kong under Creative Director Ruth Du Cann and am delighted to return as an online contributor.  These are the main questions I get asked in Hong Kong.

Who is Elizabeth Lau…what do you do?
I am a fashion designer from London and have my own womenswear brand “Elizabeth Lau”. 

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Why are you in Hong Kong?


I had the opportunity to relocate to Hong Kong due to my Hubby’s work.  It makes perfect sense – my manufacturing is here, I have key customers in Asia, plus I am half Hong Konger – my papa was born and raised on Hollywood Road so the fragrant harbour holds a special place in my heart.

You look like…

A certain fashion blogger?  She’s my cousin and one of many.  What can I say?  The Lau genes are strong!

You don’t dress like a fashion designer?

Well, not a Hong Kong stereotype of a fashion designer anyway.  So…not head to toe in black, no black framed glasses and certainly no weird asymmetrical haircut.  But you will see my slightly weird London style in the coming months.

Anyway, welcome to my journal!  I will be sharing my design journey, outfit posts, fashion news, travels and am also partial to good food and desserts.  I hope this journal will make you feel happy, inspired and curious and look forward to my new adventure in Hong Kong.

Elizabeth xx