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Have you been to this 60s style Instagrammable restaurant in London?

When you visit London, either you have a list of updated places to visit, or you ask the locals. There are SO many new places opening up within a short amount of time. VIVI Restaurant and Bar by rhubarb has opened its doors at Centre Point. From the pink, navy and gold interiors to a creative menu and cocktail list of delicious seasonal 60s inspired theme, the creative team behind Sky Garden brings London’s newest, stylish modern dining destination with a sixties revival. VIVI, as 66 in roman numbers, is a nod to the year Center Point was born in 1966. Set in central London’s most central location, the interior, designed by Go...
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Come Dine With Me

Sharing is caring! In Asia, we are very used to the sharing concept. In the West, while people love gathering around for food, it is not that common to order sharing plates. When Market Hall comes into the scene, it slowly revolutionizes the food scene in London. What is very familiar to us- a food hall, is new to Londoners. Says in the name, Market Hall, is a market within a hall. After the success in Fulham, recently opened is the new Market Hall in Victoria. Right opposite to one of the busiest main transport hub, Victoria station, the space that was an Edwardian shopping arcade, a restaurant and a club since 1909, now house...
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Winter Warmer Essential- Parka

It may still be warm in Hong Kong, but in Europe in general it is getting cold.. in fact.. rather cold. The constant rain and early sunset doesn’t help either. Now first world problem- what on earth is the best outerwear to beat such weather…that it is rainy, windy and cold but still staying “fashionable”? My answer is always a parka. I have a collection of coats, long, short, cropped, thick, thin….all sorts mainly because weather here in London is so unpredictable, and the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is way too big, you can keep your summer/autumn wardrobe pretty much the entire year, all you need is a...
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