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Travelogue- Christmas Retreat- Hallstatt, Austria

During my pre-christmas retreat, I took a trip to visit this beautiful little Unesco town Hallstatt in Austria. It’s roughly 4 hours train ride from Vienna, and it’s a very old little village sitting on the south-western shore of the Ha
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Travelogue- Lucerne- Palace Luzern Hotel

You must think I’m crazy by now, but there is a reason why Switzerland is the capital for some of the best hotel management schools right? I’ve visited Luzern few times when I was a kid, and interestingly out of many places I’ve visited, it is one of the place that I remembered almost every detail. in fact it was my first taste of luxury in my memory. Since it was road trip starting from Amsterdam, for some reason we ended up in a very grand and beautiful hotel in Lucerne, there were 2 families, mine and my uncle’s a total of 9 people and 5 kids from baby to 17yrs old.. we had the entire top floor of the hotel, facing the lak...
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