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Discovering emerging Danish Fashion

      Fashion world has long been admiring the Danish fashion scene- how effortless and cool they are, how laid-back yet unique at the same time. Apart from the internationally known Danish brands, the industry is definitely emerging and worth paying attention to. 2 years ago I first went to Aarhus for Headstart Fashion Delegation, and met some interesting talented designers. A while ago I went back and met some more. Aarhus, for those who are not too familiar, is the second largest city in Denmark. It is the European Capital of Culture 2017.  A small city in Jutland, I’ve been told to celebrate the vibrant culture and herit...
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Travelogue- A place for art and culture lover- Basel, Switzerland

  Well yes I’m in Switzerland again. Over the weekend I was in Basel (post baselworld). I heard so much about this little city while I was working, and never actually been. So I decided to go take a look myself. Basel is the city of art and culture, it is also a little hipster. As I stroll along the street, my friend was telling me little stories about the city. It’s a mixture of laid-back with rich historical heritage. Basel is actually a very cool place where quite a lot of hipster parties are held. My friends in the industry were surprised when I said I had the most fun party in Basel…! Other than that, the city is a pleas...
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Live like The 3 Kings (and a Queen!)

Basel, Switzerland is one of the most important cities in the luxury industry. Baselworld is the event where all luxurious watch and jewellery showcases and the industry people from all over the world meet. I was in Basel for the last weekend, and my friend highly recommended me to stay at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois that sits on the Rhine Riverside.   Dating back to 1681, Les Trois Rois is one of Europe’s oldest city hotels and exudes the charm and elegance of a historic grand hotel. Les Trois Rois means the 3 kings in French. The moment I stepped into the hotel I was in awe. The architecture, the interior, the chandelier, ...
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Travelogue- Innsbruck tips: Grand Hotel Europa

  Innsbruck is a beautiful little city. Earlier on I went on a snowboarding holiday and stopped by Innsbruck for just 1.5 day. I was very sure I had been to Innsbruck before (SWAROVSKI headquarters), but just couldn’t remember how the city looks like, so my friend from Innsbruck said : if you cannot remember Innsbruck, you have not been to Innsbruck. With a limited amount of time, I stayed at the Grand Hotel Europa in Innsbruck. The location of the hotel is unbeatable. Directly across the road to the Innsbruck train station, the hotel has a long glamourous history. Founded by Schreiner & Klausner in 1869, since its establishmen...
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The quality of life- do it like VVG Taipei!

Where should I begin… There’s a lifestyle for everyone, and it may take some time to find and compromise, but ultimately, who doesn’t want the quality of life? Living in busy cities like London, Hong Kong and especially in Asia, the speed of life seems to be too overwhelming that we forgot what is the quality of life. Earlier on I went to Taipei, Taiwan for a short weekend, remembering vaguely how it was (pretty similar to Hong Kong) – lots of good food, friendly people, a place with good reading culture etc…until I was introduced to a very arty lifestyle brand called VVG, and it all changed my impression as if I was re-disc...
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