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Travelogue- Zurich- Ambassador à L’Opéra

My Swiss holidays are never ending. Zurich is a special city and to me it is the perfect hideout place in Europe. It has the charm of the historical old city and the modern city within walking distance. Swiss people in general are very friendly and they have the charm to put a smile on your face no matter where you are. Staying on the other side of the lake at Ambassaor à L’Opéra this time, it is a little hidden gem in the old town very close to the lakeside. Right next to the Opera house, a traditional building which used to be part of the former Uto Castle built in 1898 in the neo-baroque style, this little gem is just sweet...
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Travelogue- Zurich (part 1)- Peaceful Retreat

Zurich during late Autumn is beautiful. Being in Zurich calms me down. There is something about Switzerland that makes people feel so peaceful. In such a clean and peaceful city, everyone is decent, polite and friendly, I could completely let my guard down and again aimlessly wander around the city. Zurich isnt a big city, within a day you can probably have a good walk around areas that worth exploring. Since I was staying at Baur au Lac Hotel (which I had written about in an earlier post), it situates in front of the lake and the bridge that crosses over to the old town. So everyday I take a walk along the lake side, just taking...
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Travelogue- Zurich, Switzerland- Baur au Lac Hotel

  Earlier in late October, I made a getaway to Zurich, Switzerland. Without knowing which hotel to pick, I picked Baur au Lac Hotel because of all the reviews and the location. Situated right in front of Lake Zurich, slightly hidden behind it’s own garden, the hotel cannot be any more peaceful.  The view from the rooftop of the hotel is breathtaking. I was very lucky to have a beautiful few days which was so clear that I could see the Alps from the hotel. Being in Zurich calms me down. The city is so peaceful, quiet, safe, clean and it is such a happy place to be at. Upon arrival Baur au Lac, the surprises just kept coming! Fi...
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