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Swiss charm- Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich

  Switzerland has been known for her beautiful scenery and world class hospitality. The quality of service is just impeccable. Having stayed at many top-notch hotels in Zurich, I have to add Hotel Schweizerhof onto my list. The location is perfect for anyone who is visiting Zurich for the first time, or stopping over for meeting, or a quick few days to walk around city centre. It is right opposite the main train station, you cannot miss it, literally across the road. Unbeatable location,  the triple-glazed windows in the rooms keep it so quiet that you forgot you’re actually on the main roads in Zurich. The use of contrasting ...
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Travelogue- A place for art and culture lover- Basel, Switzerland

  Well yes I’m in Switzerland again. Over the weekend I was in Basel (post baselworld). I heard so much about this little city while I was working, and never actually been. So I decided to go take a look myself. Basel is the city of art and culture, it is also a little hipster. As I stroll along the street, my friend was telling me little stories about the city. It’s a mixture of laid-back with rich historical heritage. Basel is actually a very cool place where quite a lot of hipster parties are held. My friends in the industry were surprised when I said I had the most fun party in Basel…! Other than that, the city is a pleas...
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Live like The 3 Kings (and a Queen!)

Basel, Switzerland is one of the most important cities in the luxury industry. Baselworld is the event where all luxurious watch and jewellery showcases and the industry people from all over the world meet. I was in Basel for the last weekend, and my friend highly recommended me to stay at the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois that sits on the Rhine Riverside.   Dating back to 1681, Les Trois Rois is one of Europe’s oldest city hotels and exudes the charm and elegance of a historic grand hotel. Les Trois Rois means the 3 kings in French. The moment I stepped into the hotel I was in awe. The architecture, the interior, the chandelier, ...
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Travelogue- Bern, Switzerland- Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern

Every city has its own story to tell, so as every hotel. Visiting Switzerland without visiting the capital city Bern isn’t complete. So I decided to hop on a train from Zurich (now I call it my third home), and walk around the historical city. Chosen by the Switzerland’s federal parliament as the capital city in 1848, Bern is actually a very small city, the old town is classified as a UNESCO World Cultural heritage site. Staying at the most luxurious hotel in Bern, Hotel Bellevue Palace is every bit a palace. Situated on top a little hill next to the river Aare, the location and the view is impeccable- you basically see the ent...
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Travelogue- Zurich- Hotel zum Storchen

Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually a fashion journalist or a travel journalist… but nowadays everyone is living their live in a fashionable way right? so it doesn’t really matter. Earlier I went on a little pre-Christmas retreat in a few cities in Europe. Of course I cannot miss out my favourite retreat city- Zurich. I have never stayed in the city center of Zurich on the river, so I stayed at Hotel zum Storchen. It is right in the middle of the city center, bridging the old town and the new town, opposite to the city hall, you get the best access to both sides of the river. Something interesting about the Hotel zum Storchen :...
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