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Minimalistic Luxury- Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

I am a regular in Copenhagen, and every time I return, the city still manages to surprise me. The long-awaited Nobis Hotel Copenhagen has finally opened, in time for the beautiful festive season. I had written about the other Nobis Hotels in Sweden previously, and staying here at the latest and first in Copenhagen has been a much-anticipated experience for me. ”It’s our personal definition of luxury. As a contemporary frequent traveler, I want a hotel to be elegant, comfortable, friendly and efficient, but I don’t need all that unnecessary excess and artificial service still often associated with luxury in the traditional sens...
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The cool Miss Clara

Stockholm has always been a place known for its cool design, the Scandi coolness is so captivating. When I visited Stockholm earlier, I stayed at one of the boutique hotels in the heart of the city, Miss Clara by Nobis. Sveavägen, where the hotel is located, is Stockholm’s most cosmopolitan boulevard, cutting straight through the heart of the city from north to south. This part of Sveavägen, north of Kungsgatan avenue, is one of the most expansive focal points in the evolution of a new and more dynamically attractive Stockholm City district. Part of Nobis Group, the 92-room hotel was originally an Ateneum girls’ school buildi...
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