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Carcel- no stock, no waste, only good cause

Carcel, a Danish clothing brand that is new to many, but making a huge impact globally. Set to transform problems into solutions by re-evaluating every step of the supply chain, they set up productions in women’s prisons, and only uses 100% natural materials local to the country of production. Each Carcel garment is made by women in prison in order to empower them to obtain a crime-free future and break with poverty.  The designs are made to last beyond seasons and launched in limited batches to eliminate stock and waste. The result is desirable, long-lasting and non-seasonal designs that are born classics. We talk about susta...
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A Fashion Commitment

Fashion industry has grown and changed so much in the past decade. With every growth, there are impacts, both good and bad. Behind every fast or slow fashion, there are so many processes behind the scene that is lesser known, or even not known by general public. Out of so many issues we face, sustainability has become one of the most talked-about issue. The way we consume and produce fashion has to be changed. But how? What can we do to make a change or raise the awareness? Earlier in May, the world’s leading annual event on sustainability, Copenhagen Fashion Summit,  once again made a step closer to changing the industry....
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Sustainable Hotel- Babette Guldsmeden Copenhagen, Denmark

    Having visited Copenhagen for a few times already, I know how eco-friendly the city is. It is known for its green and sustainability that I think everyone should learn and incorporate some. This time I chose to stay at Babette Guldsmeden Hotel. It is only about 10 mins walk from the famous little mermaid statue, and about 15 mins walk from Nyhavn.       Hotel Babette Guldsmeden is a very special one- it is entirely sustainable and organic. As part of the Guldsmeden Hotels, the group was founded on the basis of love of good hostmanship, and the hotels are all operated by dedicated – but untraditional and unorthodox – g...
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Learn from the Swedes – Eco-friendly Nudie Jeans

Swedish has been known for their mentality on being very environmental friendly in their everyday life. While sustainability has become a bigger and bigger topic for discussion and it is indeed the trend in fashion, this is a brand that you must know, and you will love. Swedish organic denim brand Nudie Jeans has just opened another Repair Shops in the heart of East London’s Shoreditch. The location is Nudie Jeans’ 19th worldwide, and secondary in London, joining the Soho store which opened its doors in Spring 2013 since being founded in Gothenburg 2001. The unisex jeans brand is carefully designed to fit both men and women wit...
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