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How to enjoy Ibiza in style

It is no secret that Ibiza has long been a favourite island for Europeans. Celebrities in particular love spending holidays there year after year. As much as it is known for its party, Ibiza also has a reputation of the hot spot for yoga retreats, connecting to nature and detoxing. Summer season is peak for islands like Ibiza, and how do one get into the scene without waiting for hours at airports, countless delays, having no luck hailing taxis and just ending up at KFCs or room services ? If you are only planning to go to Ibiza once in your life, here are some tips on how you can do it like celebrity. 1. If you want to splurge, ...
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Flying private jet? Not a dream anymore!

What’s the most frustrating thing when you travel? Delays, stranded at airport, waiting for the suitcase that never shows up, long queues of customs and security checks…. It takes up so much time and energy by the time you arrive your destination you are less excited than you should be. In a sharing economy that allows the boom of uber and airbnb, SurfAir is amongst that to change the way of travelling. Operated on subscription basis, members pay a monthly fee which gives you access to a private jet experience. This could be an option for you to travel hassle-free. Founded in California 3 years ago, the recently launched Europe...
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