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Hello Room Mate!

Meet Bruno, the new Room Mate in Rotterdam.  Located on Pakhuismeesteren in the area of the Kop Van Zuid next to the Maas River, this luxury hotel is transformed from a former tea warehouse of the Dutch East India Company.  The area is an architectural hotspot where you can walk among the buildings of the most famous architects of the world, such as Rem Koolhaas, Cruz, and Ortiz, Renzo Piano, Muller, Droogleever and Fortuyn. The design of this spectacular boutique hotel, created by Teresa Sapey studio, combines tradition and innovation, as soon as you walked in, you’re welcomed by the vibrant colour of the spacious interious ...
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Make it a special Christmas

  If you are still doing a last-minute Christmas trip planning, here is one experience for you. As Rotterdam has become more and more popular among travellers, one of the most iconic hotels that I had stayed there twice, nHow hotel, has created something really special. In my previous posts I had mentioned how much I love about the hotel’s panorama view, the location and the creativity they put into every setting and design. This Christmas, they have created something special for the annual auction for the Red Cross. The auction is a very big thing in the Netherlands. It is being organized by one of Hollands most famous radio ...
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Fiercely Beautiful – Red Hot II

Ask yourself a simple but powerful question : Are you comfortable in your own skin? Have you been bullied into being so self-conscious that just because you look different you feel you need to fit in? Unafraid of championing alternative views of beauty with a unique core message: “Be proud of who you are”, photographer Thomas Knights and British Designer Elliott James Frieze join forces to create the second part of the  internationally acclaimed RED HOT Campaign- Red Hot II. Renowned for pushing boundaries and creating dialogue in the ever-changing fashion industry, whilst raising funds for charitable causes. Celebrating t...
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