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Regent Street Guide- Fashion & Beauty

In my previous posts I talked about the Regent Street History, architecture, interesting spots and some guides for where to eat and drink. Here comes some tips for fashion and beauty. Along Regent Street there are countless brands and shops and stores, some of them you’ve heard of, some haven’t.  There are 2 shops in particular I want to talk about on Regent Street. 1. Burberry Flagship store. Back in my days at ELLE HK office, when the store was about to open, opening, opened, I’ve written more than 3 times about the store itself, but everytime I learn a little something, until this visit. I finally have the whole picture of...
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Regent Street Guide- Food & Drinks

So, in the last post I’ve talked a little about the history of Regent Street, now let me share some tips on food and drinks on Regent Street. It is one straight main road, but at times it is also quite confusing and navigating becomes difficult especially with the constant crowd walking in all directions on the street.  To help anyone saving time on locating where they are and where they want to go, Regent Street and Beacon had worked together and developed an app too make your life easier. Using Bluetooth technology to communicate with beacons in each store, so that as shoppers walk past, they receive alerts direct to their mo...
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Something you need to know about Regent Street London..

How many times you’ve walked along Regent Street in London, and just thought ‘oh it’s one of the main roads in London, and if you go straight you’ll hit Oxford Circus and that’s where Nike Town and Topshop are.’   I thought to myself quite a lot. But there are always things I’m amazed by the street.   I’m always mesmerized by how grand and beautiful the architecture sits on the street. the neat and tidy curve, the uniform height, the structure.. especially in the night time, sometimes I just stand there and look up and imagine what it’s like in the pre-modernisation old days.. I wasnt able to figure out which building...
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