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If you’ve done Ibiza, head over to Algarve

Summer in Europe, more northern parts in particular are often short and unpredictable. In London and UK as a whole, we are not as blessed with days with warm summer sun as many of the neighbouring countries, and this is a strong reason why so many Brits flee to places in the South like Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy to catch some sun. (Think how we in Hong Kong loves flying to the nearby countries like Thailand, Bali, Malaysia etc for short vacations, and some proper sunshine and beach time.) Among the very popular summer holiday choices are Ibiza, Mykonos, Capri and Algarve. Catching the tail of summer, 2 weeks ago I went to ...
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Lisbon’s Hidden Gem- Memmo Alfama

I visited Lisbon at a very good time. 10 years ago when I went, it was cold and rainy, I could barely remember what I managed to see. Few weeks ago, blue sky and sun is high, I had the pleasure to rediscover the charm of this old city. During my short visit I stayed at the Memmo Alfama hotel, a member of Design Hotels. It is steps away from the Cathedral and the São Jorge Castle,  as one of the best hotels in Lisbon and is the first boutique hotel in the city’s historic area, I thought it would be difficult to find along the meandering uphill roads, yet almost every cab drivers in Lisbon seems to know exactly where it is. Hi...
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Cute Summer Ballerinas

Its almost summer time and we all need some comfortable flats. I’m a huge fan of flats and recently has noticed this Portuguese brand Josefinas. They are a little too girly for me but they do look really cute. Josefinas Pop Square Collection went back to the 60s and rewrote the footsteps of this decade, in the most jovial and feminine way, using the famous Gingham pattern. Giving a new fresh color to what was a very simple idea that has lasteduntil today: the Abbey Road crosswalk. The Beatles are synonymous of 4 recognized artists, immortalized by theiramazing legacy, but what about the women in their lives?  Who would be t...
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