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My first São Paulo Fashion Week Experience- Apartamento 03

Just when I was mesmerized by all the diversity of designs during São Paulo Fashion week, I found one of the brands that I can resonate most to. Apartamento03 Apartamento03 is one of the coolest brands I saw in the fashion week. The first collection came in 2006 when fashion stylist (and good friend of the designer Luiz Cláudio) Mariana Sucupira asked for exclusive pieces for a photo shoot. Luiz Cláudio has been a fashion designer for more than 10 years, but still maintaining the high quality of the fabrics and delicate craft techniques of construction of its pieces. The summer 16 catwalk collection drew inspiration from ...
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My first São Paulo Fashion Week Experience – Patricia Bonaldi

Moving away from beachwear and swimwear, the luxury scene in São Paulo is quite something. Brazil has been considered one of the four golden bricks for a reason, and now I’ve experienced first hand in the city. Patricia Bonaldi One of the strongest designer in Brazil, she designs beautiful evening gowns with hand-embroidered embellishment, as well as a more casual wear line called PatBo. Currently stocked in many countries (unfortunately not in HK yet), Harrods is also carrying the brand. For Asian customers, the closest will be in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea- next time when you travel there, be sure to check it out! Patricia...
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