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Travelogue- Christmas Retreat- Lucerne, Switzerland

Told you I’m in love with Switzerland. How should I describe this country…I guess it’s hard to put a finger on a particular aspect …it’s like when you fall in love with a person, you can’t really explain why. I’ve lived in quite a few different cities and countries with quite different culture, most of them are really nice ones. Switzerland is known for its harmonious and peaceful lifestyle, the decent upbringing of the people and the quality of the mentality. Perhaps due to its geographical location, Switzerland is blessed with one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Europe. It is my kind of winter wonderland, my par...
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Travelogue- Lucerne- Palace Luzern Hotel

You must think I’m crazy by now, but there is a reason why Switzerland is the capital for some of the best hotel management schools right? I’ve visited Luzern few times when I was a kid, and interestingly out of many places I’ve visited, it is one of the place that I remembered almost every detail. in fact it was my first taste of luxury in my memory. Since it was road trip starting from Amsterdam, for some reason we ended up in a very grand and beautiful hotel in Lucerne, there were 2 families, mine and my uncle’s a total of 9 people and 5 kids from baby to 17yrs old.. we had the entire top floor of the hotel, facing the lak...
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