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Learn from the Swedes – Eco-friendly Nudie Jeans

Swedish has been known for their mentality on being very environmental friendly in their everyday life. While sustainability has become a bigger and bigger topic for discussion and it is indeed the trend in fashion, this is a brand that you must know, and you will love. Swedish organic denim brand Nudie Jeans has just opened another Repair Shops in the heart of East London’s Shoreditch. The location is Nudie Jeans’ 19th worldwide, and secondary in London, joining the Soho store which opened its doors in Spring 2013 since being founded in Gothenburg 2001. The unisex jeans brand is carefully designed to fit both men and women wit...
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Happily Framed!

I’m a girl who lives in jeans. Black, blue, grey, white…torn, tapered, boyfriend, fit, slim, ripped….long, short…all kinds! Simply because they are TOO COMFORTABLE. The fact that jeans actually goes with ANYTHING, and you can dress up and down according to your pair of jeans and other pieces, it is the most versatile piece in the wardrobe. My wardrobe is pretty basic, but I love a basic warbrode, because it is timeless and comfortable. Just recently I’ve started to grow addicted to Frame Denim. I first learnt about Frame Denim when I was working at Net-A-Porter as a stylist, the jeans are so comfortable and look so good on t...
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Wardrobe essential- pull on flat boots

OK – shoes. I have to say, a pair of black suede pull on flat boots are the world’s easiest shoes to wear. it simply goes with everything and anything. Problem is there is rarely a pair of comfortable and reasonably priced simple pull ons that can go with your wardrobe. But lately, I found this pair on one of my favourite online shops ASOS and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday with everything. Just to give you an idea, I like doing it my way- easy and comfortable. so I had been wearing them with my grey high waisted stretchy torn jeans (I ripped the other side of the jeans myself because I like it that way more), also from ...
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