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A weekend hideaway on the seaside of Palma de Mallorca

Summer season has recently started in Europe (FINALLY! ), and lots of Europeans are fleeing to their favourite nearby islands for a mini weekend or a long-awaited vacation. Earlier this month, I went to Palma de Mallorca for a mini getaway. As one of the biggest of the Balearic Islands in Spain, it offers a variety of activities for all sorts of people- family, singles, couples, small children etc. If you want to party, there are lots of options, if you want a romantic getaway, there are plenty of beautiful spots, if you want a quite detox or relaxing vacation, there are multiple locations. I wanted a bit a both- a little sig...
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How to enjoy Ibiza in style

It is no secret that Ibiza has long been a favourite island for Europeans. Celebrities in particular love spending holidays there year after year. As much as it is known for its party, Ibiza also has a reputation of the hot spot for yoga retreats, connecting to nature and detoxing. Summer season is peak for islands like Ibiza, and how do one get into the scene without waiting for hours at airports, countless delays, having no luck hailing taxis and just ending up at KFCs or room services ? If you are only planning to go to Ibiza once in your life, here are some tips on how you can do it like celebrity. 1. If you want to splurge, ...
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Party the afternoon away at Ocean Beach Ibiza

How are you spending your Monday afternoon? Earlier when I was whisked away to Ibiza, I spent my Monday at Ocean Beach Club Ibiza, enjoying the great company, delicious food and partying the afternoon by the pool side for hours. Located on the west coast of Ibiza in San Antonio, Ocean Beach Ibiza is situated along the waterfront complete with ocean views by day and the iconic Balearic sunset at night. I wonder how many people are in that 600m2 swimming pool. Namely The ultimate beach club, Ocean Beach Ibiza is dedicated to creating a unique and lavish lifestyle experience for those looking for the ideal daytime destination und...
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