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Mindful Journey

Have you ever feel like you dont understand how you feel? There are moments in life where we face cross roads, that we are low in energy and we feel down, sometimes all we need is just a person who understands and be able to put things into perspective objectively. About 1.5 years ago I met Sinéad, an intuitive specialist who has just won the best women’s mentor of the year 2016. Now if you havent any idea what is an intuitive specialist, you can read about my experience with her here. Fastforward 1.5 year, when we met again earlier at 4 Wellness , as usual, Sinead will read your energy without asking any questions and tell you...
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Magical afternoon in the heart of London

  In 1863, a French wine merchant called Daniel Nicholas Thévenon and his wife Celestine arrived in England in a bid to escape the clutches of creditors in Paris. So began a story that grew out of bankruptcy and culminated in the creation of Café Royal, a London legend. Today,  Hotel Café Royal, reopened after closing for 4 years for renovation since 2008, is one of the most luxurious hotels in the heart of London, yet the spa and wellness centre underneath the hotel is genuinely a hidden gem. I always love this place, it is the most modern but historic place at the same time. Akasha Spa & Gym, at the basement of Café Roy...
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