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Hello Room Mate!

Meet Bruno, the new Room Mate in Rotterdam.  Located on Pakhuismeesteren in the area of the Kop Van Zuid next to the Maas River, this luxury hotel is transformed from a former tea warehouse of the Dutch East India Company.  The area is an architectural hotspot where you can walk among the buildings of the most famous architects of the world, such as Rem Koolhaas, Cruz, and Ortiz, Renzo Piano, Muller, Droogleever and Fortuyn. The design of this spectacular boutique hotel, created by Teresa Sapey studio, combines tradition and innovation, as soon as you walked in, you’re welcomed by the vibrant colour of the spacious interious ...
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Minimalistic Luxury- Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

I am a regular in Copenhagen, and every time I return, the city still manages to surprise me. The long-awaited Nobis Hotel Copenhagen has finally opened, in time for the beautiful festive season. I had written about the other Nobis Hotels in Sweden previously, and staying here at the latest and first in Copenhagen has been a much-anticipated experience for me. ”It’s our personal definition of luxury. As a contemporary frequent traveler, I want a hotel to be elegant, comfortable, friendly and efficient, but I don’t need all that unnecessary excess and artificial service still often associated with luxury in the traditional sens...
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Home Sweet Home

  The thing about home, is that it’s not just a place you sleep. It is a place that you build your life and lifestyle around, a place where you feel most comfortable and at ease. It has to be filled with your personality and makes you feel the sense of belonging at the same time. I had been on a flat hunting just recently, since I am renting, it is even harder to find the perfect one that fits every single criteria. But when you can afford buying a house in London and have it designed your way, founder of Secretcape, Mathilde Allibe is the lady you have to go to.   Out of her many projects, interior designer and architect Mat...
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