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100 years in a bottle – a royal lifestyle

We live in a world where everything is instant and immediate. The urge of immediacy sometimes makes us forget about the art of patience and the depth of craftsmanship and skills. Earlier I was introduced to the world of Louis XIII at their pop-up boutique in Harrods (only until 25th April), I was so fascinated to learn about the history behind this bottle of Cognac. Personally I am not a fan of cognac, nor do I know a lot about it. That is why learning about the heritage of Louis XIII with a fresh eye makes is so much more fascinating. I also had the pleasure to speak to Ludovic du Plessis, the Global Executive Director of LOUIS ...
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Lets have a Gold talk with Jean-Thierry Besins

    Bullion traditionally means Gold Bars. When you were young, have you ever watched cartoons, seeing bars and bars of gold, and thinking how do they feel? In a very grown up world, you can actually own a piece of it as accessory.  Jean-Thierry Besins, founder and designer of the luxurious and chic fine jewellery brand Bulliony is here to tell you the story. When he was young, his grandparents were very close friends with Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. 2 pieces of gold bars were given to JT’s grandparents Jean and Edith Besins as a wedding gift from the royal couple, and that was how the story began. When JT wa...
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Travelogue- A place for art and culture lover- Basel, Switzerland

  Well yes I’m in Switzerland again. Over the weekend I was in Basel (post baselworld). I heard so much about this little city while I was working, and never actually been. So I decided to go take a look myself. Basel is the city of art and culture, it is also a little hipster. As I stroll along the street, my friend was telling me little stories about the city. It’s a mixture of laid-back with rich historical heritage. Basel is actually a very cool place where quite a lot of hipster parties are held. My friends in the industry were surprised when I said I had the most fun party in Basel…! Other than that, the city is a pleas...
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Travelogue- Christmas Retreat- Hallstatt, Austria

During my pre-christmas retreat, I took a trip to visit this beautiful little Unesco town Hallstatt in Austria. It’s roughly 4 hours train ride from Vienna, and it’s a very old little village sitting on the south-western shore of the Ha
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