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100 years in a bottle – a royal lifestyle

We live in a world where everything is instant and immediate. The urge of immediacy sometimes makes us forget about the art of patience and the depth of craftsmanship and skills. Earlier I was introduced to the world of Louis XIII at their pop-up boutique in Harrods (only until 25th April), I was so fascinated to learn about the history behind this bottle of Cognac. Personally I am not a fan of cognac, nor do I know a lot about it. That is why learning about the heritage of Louis XIII with a fresh eye makes is so much more fascinating. I also had the pleasure to speak to Ludovic du Plessis, the Global Executive Director of LOUIS ...
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Welcome to the Shoe Heaven

Who doesnt love shoes? I do, and by now you should know I’m a shoe-aholic who owns way more than sufficient pairs. So during London Fashion Week, aside from shows there are events that brands would love to take the opportunity to gather everyone in the industry, simply because everyone is everywhere and too busy to gather. It’s such a fun night to meet all these designers again. Celebrating the opening of the world’s largest luxury shoe destination, now open on the fifth floor of Harrods, a cocktail party was held last week, inviting brilliant designers and editors from international and local publications to share their passi...
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