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Secrets to managing my damaged hair – Part 2

Earlier on I wrote something about how I keep my damaged hair look healthier, and here is the second part of another product line that I use religiously. Working in the industry as an editor gives me the opportunity to have access to many different brands and products. I had been given a sample size (again!!) at one of the press days, it’s a blow dry cream from this hair brand 72Hair which I haven’t heard of.  Knowing what specific products I need for my bleached blonde long hair, I am always quite reluctant to test them out especially I haven’t heard of the brand before. But this is a blow dry cream, so I thought there could...
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Secret to managing my damaged hair- Part 1

I had been dyeing and bleaching my hair since I was 15, and all the chemicals are definitely not helping. Having very short hair for many years, I’ve recently grown my hair, and that means a lot more care. There is a price to pay when you want to have smooth and healthy looking hair. Let’s be honest, double bleached long Asian hair will never be healthy- at least I can try to make it LOOK healthier. The bleached hair can get really brittle and easily frizzy, especially in the dry and windy European winter days.  A while ago I came across a sample size of the English brand Percy & Reed   Overnight Recovery. I decided to brin...
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