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Travelogue – Christmas Retreat- Vienna, Austria

FINALLY for a change.. I know I know… finally not about Switzerland…for a little while. If you remember the movie Before Sunrise, Jesse and Celine met on a train and decided to hop off at Vienna, where they spent the entire night chatting and getting to know each other. Because of that movie, many people think Vienna is a romantic city. Honestly for me, it is beautiful but I guess romance is related to a connection and personal experience rather than a city. It’s my 2nd time visiting Vienna, Austria. The reason why I wanted to re-visit is to retreat and go to places I couldn’t manage to visit last time. Recognize this spot? S...
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Travelogue- Zurich- Ambassador à L’Opéra

My Swiss holidays are never ending. Zurich is a special city and to me it is the perfect hideout place in Europe. It has the charm of the historical old city and the modern city within walking distance. Swiss people in general are very friendly and they have the charm to put a smile on your face no matter where you are. Staying on the other side of the lake at Ambassaor à L’Opéra this time, it is a little hidden gem in the old town very close to the lakeside. Right next to the Opera house, a traditional building which used to be part of the former Uto Castle built in 1898 in the neo-baroque style, this little gem is just sweet...
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