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Meet the contemporary art guru- Jean-David Malat

One of the perks of living in London is having access to the diversity and richness in so many things. The city has so much to offer, to start with- art galleries. Without a background in art, I almost never walked into any art galleries unless it is for work simply because I don’t understand it. So when I got a chance to meet Jean-David Malat, the director of the world famous Opera Gallery, I was a little panicking- will I look like a complete idiot in front of an expert who runs an art gallery and built it into a reputable brand? The simple answer is No. As soon as I arrived the gallery, Jean-David was already there with his r...
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Women Crush Wednesdays

There are many kinds of dinner that you look forward to, or dread attending. Especially when you are unfamiliar with other attendants, it can be a little uncomfortable. But as always, JPR Media Group throws the best events and dinners in town, and when I got the invitation to attend one of their Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club dinner party, I was very much looking forward to have the honour as a guest.   The Woman’s Crush Wednesday Club is a dinner party hosted in partnership with a luxury brand where they choose one powerful woman on the night to celebrate. The concept “Woman’s Crush Wednesday” is taken from social media whe...
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