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Travelogue- Florence..in Love..Hotel Lungarno

I live in a city that has a river runs through, and I know how different atmosphere can be on either sides of the river. So on my second night in Florence, I stayed at Hotel Lungarno. The beautiful Hotel Lungarno is part of the properties owned by Ferragamo family (yes, THAT Ferragamo). Standing at one of the best location on the river, all river-facing rooms can see Ponte Vecchio clearly, and the restaurant where few tables are set is the one and only outdoor riverside space that truly sits above the river with a magical view. As part of the Lungarno collections, Hotel Lungarno is one that boasts traditional and classy Italian l...
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Travelogue – Florence.. in love.

One thing about the joy of living in London is the extremely easy and quick access to anywhere in Europe. So earlier in late september, I decided on a very spontaneous moment to get away from London for a good 3 days, and on a very last minute decision, I picked Florence, Italy. I’ve been to Florence few times when I was young, but I was too young to fully understand the art, culture, history and heritage of the beautiful city. I do remember it as a very beautiful and romantic city, so I decided to detach from everyone and everything, and went on a mini detox for 3 days. In less than 3 hours’ time I had arrived my first hotel (...
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