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St. Petersburg Fashion Week

It’s always interesting to attend fashion weeks in different cities. You get the chance to see so many things that reflects the city and the country during those intensive days. Earlier in April, I was invited to St. Petersburg Fashion Week for the first time. Immediately I was intrigued, because I’ve been to the place once very long time ago, yet was never exposed to the fashion side of it. Under the patronage of Fashion Syndicate St.Petersburg, supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Government of Saint Petersburg, the 4-days fashion week took place on The New Stage of the Aleksandri...
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Brazilian Fashion

Apart from the designers showcased during the fashion week, there are still a few more talented designers that the world needs to see. Some of my favourites are : Joulik   Founded by Karen and Katiúscia Moreas, the beautiful Japanese Brazilian set up the brand in 2009. With the Japanese aesthetic, the streetwear ready-to-wear brand is carefully crafted- a mixture of fabrics and materials such as velvet, silk, chiffon; and a lot of hand embroidered sequins and embellishment, the pieces are very eye-catchingly bright and shiny- yet stylishly chic and wearable.       Love the interior of the store I was wearing a top by Joulik...
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My first São Paulo Fashion Week- Teca by Helo Rocha

  Founded in 2005, stylist Helo Rocha started the brand Teca by Helo Rocha, known for its stylist prints, Teca is one of the most popular brands in Brazil. For the Summer 16 collection, the catwalk showcased a beautiful collection full of ethnic inspired accessories, pairing with beautiful dresses, dressed down tees, and gorgeous rompers. Lace, silk, chiffon, crochet, all the floaty elements and fabrics created one after another stylish look. The colour, the prints, the accessories and the shoes- it’s almost like you’ve walked into a tribal princess’ wardrobe.
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My first São Paulo Fashion Week- Gig Couture

Known for its knitwear, GIG Couture is another brand that brings a very nice surprise. Almost the entire collection is delicately done, highly wearable yet special. Founded in 2002 by Gina Guerra and Patricia Schettino, each piece comes out by the handiwork with jacquards and special yarns mined over long researches, all this coupled with the high-tech machinery that makes up the brand factory, located in Belo Horizonte. I had a closer look at the backstage at each piece- they are so structured that you almost cannot believe it’s knitwear. The mixture of fabrics are also carefully chosen. From the pastel colour palette to the mo...
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My First São Paulo Fashion Week Highlight – Giesele bidding farewell at Colcci show

The highlight of my SPFW has to be this historical moment in fashion. I was so thankful that I got the chance to see super model Gisele walking her last show in her home country- and I got the best seat- in front of the cameras. I couldn’t describe the Gisele effect when she was strutting beautifully towards us. Colcci ( In Portuguese it’s pronounced very similar as “coach” ) The show was very emotional- the brand had also paid their tribute to Gisele prior to the opening of the show. and Gisele, walking the show for the last time was very emotional too and couldn’t help but started crying as she walked back to the backstage...
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