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If you’ve done Ibiza, head over to Algarve

Summer in Europe, more northern parts in particular are often short and unpredictable. In London and UK as a whole, we are not as blessed with days with warm summer sun as many of the neighbouring countries, and this is a strong reason why so many Brits flee to places in the South like Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy to catch some sun. (Think how we in Hong Kong loves flying to the nearby countries like Thailand, Bali, Malaysia etc for short vacations, and some proper sunshine and beach time.) Among the very popular summer holiday choices are Ibiza, Mykonos, Capri and Algarve. Catching the tail of summer, 2 weeks ago I went to ...
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Celebrating in Class

There are many ways of celebration, many things that worth celebrating. Just earlier, one of the most exclusive clubs in London Raffles Chelsea has the biggest reason to celebrate. Stepping into the 50th year (yes, 50 years for a club that stands still and firm in London- a city where clubs open and close almost on a weekly basis) is definitely a big deal. Taking up the entire Berkeley Square, Ibiza was transported to London in style with a blockbuster night of performances by Ibiza DJ Guy Gerber and Housekeeping inside the massive tent made only for this one night bash. A 1,000+ people filled with famous celebrities, high socie...
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