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Parisian Left Bank Style

Paris is always a good idea, especially outside fashion week. Earlier this month I headed over to Paris for a few days, and decided to stay at Le Cinq Codet on the left bank for a change. I’ve always stayed in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd arr. in Paris for work, this is my second time staying on the left bank. Part of the Design Hotel portfolio, Le Cinq Codet is slightly tucked in a small street just off a main road. In the heart of the prestigious 7th arrondissement,  with only 4 mins walk from the closest metro station, and close to Rodin Museum, and the Eiffel Tower, it is every inch a quiet little oasis surrounded by many cafes, re...
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Prime Bilbao experience at The Miró Hotel

Earlier I took a holiday to Northern Spain with my best friends, and made a visit to Bilbao. I have heard so much about the city but never been. So we stayed at the Miró hotel for 2 nights, which is just across the road of where the world famous Guggenheim Museum locates. About 20 mins from the airport by car, 8 mins from the bus terminal, the hotel is close to almost everything in the city. As one of the Design Hotels, I was expecting the hotel to be very stylish and chic, and it did not disappoint me. With a revamp project of the entire Bilbao city 3 years after Guggenheim Museum was opened, and inspired by the New York conce...
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My Life-Changing 3-days Italian Retreat at Eremito, Italy

How should I begin…It took me a few days to figure out what to write and how to write about my experience, because this retreat gave me a very emotional and powerful experience. We live in a world where things happen too fast, and it has became an effort and a luxury to just make time for oneself to relax, or doing nothing. My whole purpose of doing this solo retreat in Italy, is to come all the way here, stay at this magical place Eremito. Eremito is Italian, in English it means hermit. So I was here, in the photo below, in the middle of nowhere. That is where Eremito is.   In the middle of Umbria, Italy, the land of medieval ...
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