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A guide to Central London’s Seven Dials

  London is beautiful when the sun shines. One area that I particularly like strolling around is 7 dials in Covent Garden. It is a little tucked in the heart of Central London, be it just having a coffee at the famous Monmouth Coffee place, or enjoying a play at one of the many theatres, there is something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for a little pampering and looking for beauty products,  Caudalié is where you want to go. The French cosmetic brand that is known for utilising grapes from the vineyards in Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy for all the products. Founder Mathilde Thomas started the brand with her husband...
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The Urban Beauty

90% of the times I don’t wear any make ups, but if I do, I am very picky. My favourite make up products has to be eyeliner and a good foundation. There are only a countable few brands that I religiously use, and Urban Decay is one of them. When I was very young, I learnt about Urban Decay when I was in the States, and I just loved the fact that they have so many different colours. I can say for sure that out of all categories of cosmetics, eyeliner is the product I own most- way more than I actually use them. When I know that Urban Decay is going to be in Hong Kong, and that there is a shop here in London, I was so happy. You’...
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Regent Street Guide- Fashion & Beauty

In my previous posts I talked about the Regent Street History, architecture, interesting spots and some guides for where to eat and drink. Here comes some tips for fashion and beauty. Along Regent Street there are countless brands and shops and stores, some of them you’ve heard of, some haven’t.  There are 2 shops in particular I want to talk about on Regent Street. 1. Burberry Flagship store. Back in my days at ELLE HK office, when the store was about to open, opening, opened, I’ve written more than 3 times about the store itself, but everytime I learn a little something, until this visit. I finally have the whole picture of...
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