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Minimalistic Luxury- Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

I am a regular in Copenhagen, and every time I return, the city still manages to surprise me. The long-awaited Nobis Hotel Copenhagen has finally opened, in time for the beautiful festive season. I had written about the other Nobis Hotels in Sweden previously, and staying here at the latest and first in Copenhagen has been a much-anticipated experience for me. ”It’s our personal definition of luxury. As a contemporary frequent traveler, I want a hotel to be elegant, comfortable, friendly and efficient, but I don’t need all that unnecessary excess and artificial service still often associated with luxury in the traditional sens...
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A Fashion Commitment

Fashion industry has grown and changed so much in the past decade. With every growth, there are impacts, both good and bad. Behind every fast or slow fashion, there are so many processes behind the scene that is lesser known, or even not known by general public. Out of so many issues we face, sustainability has become one of the most talked-about issue. The way we consume and produce fashion has to be changed. But how? What can we do to make a change or raise the awareness? Earlier in May, the world’s leading annual event on sustainability, Copenhagen Fashion Summit,  once again made a step closer to changing the industry....
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Luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen- Hotel Danmark

We all know how cool the Scandinavians are, and how the world had fell in love with everything they do. Not only the Danes were happiest people in the world (Norwegians had overtaken now), the best Nordic cuisines, handful of michelin restaurants (NOMA and 108 anyone?) they also have lots of really cool designs, both in clothing and interior in particular. So when I knew that the latest addition to Brøchner Hotels – Hotel Danmark was opening, even as a regular in Copenhagen myself, I couldn’t resist but made a stay there during their opening week in May. (Brøchner Hotels currently runs 4 boutique hotels in Copenhagen with a t...
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Sustainable Hotel- Babette Guldsmeden Copenhagen, Denmark

    Having visited Copenhagen for a few times already, I know how eco-friendly the city is. It is known for its green and sustainability that I think everyone should learn and incorporate some. This time I chose to stay at Babette Guldsmeden Hotel. It is only about 10 mins walk from the famous little mermaid statue, and about 15 mins walk from Nyhavn.       Hotel Babette Guldsmeden is a very special one- it is entirely sustainable and organic. As part of the Guldsmeden Hotels, the group was founded on the basis of love of good hostmanship, and the hotels are all operated by dedicated – but untraditional and unorthodox – g...
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A Boutique Hotel for you- Andersen Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark

There’s something for everyone in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the country of fairy-tales written by HC Andersen, the country is full of character and stories. Andersen Boutique Hotel, now run by the 3rd generation of Absalon Hotel Group founder, Erna Andersen, is one of the very hip choices for younger travellers to Copenhagen. Named after Erna Andersen, the general manager of the hotel, who also operates Absalon Hotel on the other side of Helgolandesgade, Karen Nedergaard believes in caring, honesty and excellent services are the core values of running a family business started 75 years ago.  Completely renovated and all 73 rooms ...
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