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Show the world you care

Produced by director and photographer Rankin through his creative agency The Full Service and animated by Jelly London, this Christmas the Climate Coalition (a collection of over 130 organisations representing more than 15 million people across the UK dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. ) has released a Christmas film showing a snowman melting under the pressure of climate change for the group’s ‘Show The Love’ campaign. The campaign aims to encourage people to take action to protect the things they love from climate change.   The animation, narrated by singer Lia...
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Travelogue- Christmas Retreat- Lucerne, Switzerland

Told you I’m in love with Switzerland. How should I describe this country…I guess it’s hard to put a finger on a particular aspect …it’s like when you fall in love with a person, you can’t really explain why. I’ve lived in quite a few different cities and countries with quite different culture, most of them are really nice ones. Switzerland is known for its harmonious and peaceful lifestyle, the decent upbringing of the people and the quality of the mentality. Perhaps due to its geographical location, Switzerland is blessed with one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Europe. It is my kind of winter wonderland, my par...
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Travelogue – Christmas Retreat- Vienna, Austria

FINALLY for a change.. I know I know… finally not about Switzerland…for a little while. If you remember the movie Before Sunrise, Jesse and Celine met on a train and decided to hop off at Vienna, where they spent the entire night chatting and getting to know each other. Because of that movie, many people think Vienna is a romantic city. Honestly for me, it is beautiful but I guess romance is related to a connection and personal experience rather than a city. It’s my 2nd time visiting Vienna, Austria. The reason why I wanted to re-visit is to retreat and go to places I couldn’t manage to visit last time. Recognize this spot? S...
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