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Come Dine With Me

Sharing is caring! In Asia, we are very used to the sharing concept. In the West, while people love gathering around for food, it is not that common to order sharing plates. When Market Hall comes into the scene, it slowly revolutionizes the food scene in London. What is very familiar to us- a food hall, is new to Londoners. Says in the name, Market Hall, is a market within a hall. After the success in Fulham, recently opened is the new Market Hall in Victoria. Right opposite to one of the busiest main transport hub, Victoria station, the space that was an Edwardian shopping arcade, a restaurant and a club since 1909, now house...
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Glamourous Quaglino’s launches sustainable cocktail menu

There is something about a royal connection; everything the royals touch somehow seems to turn into gold. Founded in 1929 by Giovanni Quaglino, a restaurateur from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, the London iconic restaurant Quaglino’s became a haven for Royalty throughout the years.  The Queen and Prince Phillip visited in 1956; Hollywood legends, the political elites, and celebrities such as Judy Garland and Angelina Jolie were also guests, after the restaurant reopened in 2014, Prince Harry was among one of the first ones through the doors. Currently owned by D&D London, Quaglino’s is synonymous with style and glamou...
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Quintessentially British Afternoon tea under the Chandeliers

One of my favourite places in London, be it for breakfast meeting, taking visiting friends and family, a nightcap or a date night at the bar, Bernes Tavern in the London Edition has a special place in my heart. Inspired by the classic muted colours of Johannes Vermeer paintings and American artist Donald Judd, Berners Tavern has taupe coloured walls, dusty rose chairs, and a subtle play between modern and period detail. Tub chairs in the front of the space create a café-like setting, while banquettes in chestnut mohair and taupe leather and round, rift cut bleached oak tables define the central dining area. Two large custom bro...
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Italians do it best! Dinner at Massimo Restaurant & Bar, Corinthia Hotel London

I am always on the look out for good food. Known among my friends as a foodie, there are a few places in London that I always visit simply because the food and the ambience are amazing. After I’ve had a f
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