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The 60:90 Brazilian myth

Here comes Summer, the season for sunshine and beach, junk trips and water sports. Now one of the biggest headache a lot of people (women in particular), is finding the right set (or sets) of bikini. I am a strong believer in picking the right fit would work magic. Rather than having a “perfect” body shape, finding what actually compliments and work with your body shape is more important. Growing up as a professional swimmer, I have very precise requirement when I purchase swimwear. For me, most bikinis in the market are more made for sunbathing on the shore, or walking around the poolside rather than really being in the water ...
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Brazil round 2- Belo Horizonte and Minas Trend Showcase

There are so many fashion weeks and trade shows around the world now, and every city has its own character. Just recently, I had the pleasure of being invited again by TexBrasil to go to Brazil again. Well, you really can’t say no to Brazil and find out why it is one of the four golden bricks. This time instead of Sao Paolo, I went to the Minas Trend at Belo Horizonte, the third largest city in Brazil. In the state of Minas Gerais (the city of food!!!), not only the capital city has a rich cultural history to offer, it is also one of the biggest trading, production, vocation and contribution to the brazilian and international fa...
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