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Travelogue- Fasano Boa Vista, Brazil

Two Saturdays ago, I was here…enjoying a very relaxing Saturday with 2 very sweet beautiful friends. Since it was bank holiday in Brazil everything was pretty much closed, so we decided to go to the country side for a little relaxing adventure. About 1.5 hrs drive from Sao Paulo, Fasano Boa Vista is located on Fazenda Boa Vista, a sprawling farm with nothing but just green and nature. It is a gated community, but the hotel is within the area. The design and architecture of the hotel is a blend of nature with greens, lots of high ceilings and wooden panel.   I could have stayed there for much much longer…Thank you Fasano, thank...
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Travelogue- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

So I only had 1.5 days in Rio de Janeiro, but I fell in love with this place already. If Sao Paulo is reminiscent to Manhattan, Rio de Janeiro is to Miami/ Los Angeles. There is something about Rio that is very relaxed and chilled. Again it is not the safest place on earth, so we were not encouraged to take our phones and walk alone on the streets. But since we were staying at Hotel Fasano, literally one road from the famous Ipanema Beach (which is next to Copacabana beach), we had the best security and view of the beach. I’ll let you decide for yourself. A part of the Ipanema Beach. This is the view from my room balcony- the en...
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Travelogue- Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’ve been wanting to go to South America for such a long time. Finally I got the chance to visit Brazil thanks to the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Spending one whole week in Sao Paulo and 1.5 days in Rio de Janeiro, I had a blast. Throughout the whole time, we were so lucky to have stayed at the Hotel Fasano in both cities, and they are AMAZING. don’t believe me? Wait till you see the photos later and in the next post. Sao Paulo is a very interesting city. It has its developing areas, it also has its luxurious posh areas. I have to say though, we were travelling by car from point to point, so it wasnt too hard to get around. However...
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