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Kiss your Skin with Skinkissed

The COVID-19 situation has put the world on hold, this is the time where taking care of yourself is even more vital. Wherever you can, do not forget to look after yourself. I am stranded back home due to the global flights cancellation situation, and as if the Universe has prepared, my small gift package from Skinkissed arrived in time when I finished up my travel sizes skincare. Like many, I am sceptical every time I try out a new skincare brand, because many of you may have experienced at some point, it can either make or break your skin. The millennial style gen-Z packing of black and bold pink and green fonts definitely do no...
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Fly Away Together

Being a frequent traveller, having a durable and practical suitcase is my top priority. Having one that you use all the times is like an identity, a habit of comfort when you travel around, it is really hard to make any new purchases of suitcases without a strong reason. When you found one, you tend to stick to that one for as long as it last. I stumbled upon this new lifestyle brand Away a little while ago,  it wasn’t until my current hand baggage slightly broke, then I decided to check out the products of this new brand. All along, I am a fan of Rimowa because of its lightweight and minimal simple design. When I saw the prod...
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Happily Framed!

I’m a girl who lives in jeans. Black, blue, grey, white…torn, tapered, boyfriend, fit, slim, ripped….long, short…all kinds! Simply because they are TOO COMFORTABLE. The fact that jeans actually goes with ANYTHING, and you can dress up and down according to your pair of jeans and other pieces, it is the most versatile piece in the wardrobe. My wardrobe is pretty basic, but I love a basic warbrode, because it is timeless and comfortable. Just recently I’ve started to grow addicted to Frame Denim. I first learnt about Frame Denim when I was working at Net-A-Porter as a stylist, the jeans are so comfortable and look so good on t...
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