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Easter Treat – “Let them eat cake”

How are you spending your Easter long weekend? Here in London, I’ve got a suggestion for you. what’s better than to have a nice relaxing afternoon tea on a long weekend with a dear friend or two?   The last French Queen Marie Antoinette, possibly one of the most controversial women in history, might or might not have said the phrase ‘Let them eat cake ‘during the outbreak of French Revolution. Yet her life in court and her stories had always been fascinating and intriguing. Inspired by the opulence of Marie Antoinette’s court, Pont St. restaurant in Belgravia neighbourhood launched this elegant afternoon tea. The menu inclu...
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Travelogue- Switzerland- Food!

Food is important to me. I eat a lot but I’m quite choosy. I cannot live on junk so I need real food. So being in Switzerland to me is a little hard to find the food i want, only because my body isn’t used to having too much carbs and bread.All I ate was cakes, birchermuesli, eggs, gipfeli (croissant), smoked salmon, petite pain, sausages and cheese! So you see my choices are not a lot when I was in Switzerland…this is one thing I have to think about when I move for retirement…! Other than drinking, wine after wine after wine, all I drank was water the coffee, their coffee is impeccable that got me addicted. I love their espr...
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