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Glamourous Quaglino’s launches sustainable cocktail menu

There is something about a royal connection; everything the royals touch somehow seems to turn into gold. Founded in 1929 by Giovanni Quaglino, a restaurateur from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, the London iconic restaurant Quaglino’s became a haven for Royalty throughout the years.  The Queen and Prince Phillip visited in 1956; Hollywood legends, the political elites, and celebrities such as Judy Garland and Angelina Jolie were also guests, after the restaurant reopened in 2014, Prince Harry was among one of the first ones through the doors. Currently owned by D&D London, Quaglino’s is synonymous with style and glamou...
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Drink your way through time

Do you know what’s so special about this view? It is the iconic London night view, but also the place I was standing on taking this photo, was where Fred Astaire danced. And as Gene Kelly would later say, dance history begins with Fred Astaire. This very rooftop on The Savoy, London, marks the beginning of a very interesting new cocktail bar menu that has recently been launched. The Savoy in London has long been one of the most loved luxury hotels through time. Celebrities, actors, actresses etc had been regular guests, and when they do, there is always some urban myths or stories be told. Researching on the history of the hotel...
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Hidden Whisky Treasure

Londoners love a drink or two, and it’s never just a drink or two. There are many places for drinks, but Milroys of Soho is one of a kind. It is London’s oldest Whisky Shop, founded by John ‘Jack’ Milroy in 1964. His brother Wallace, a gold miner in South Africa, provided the funds and John took advantage of the removal of price controls to sell wine and spirits at much better value than his competitors, making him the go to man for affordable high-quality booze. There they opened the store on 3 Greek Street, Soho, where the store still stands today.  So my friend and I decided to go for a try. It was very interesting as th...
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