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Winter Warmer Essential- Parka

It may still be warm in Hong Kong, but in Europe in general it is getting cold.. in fact.. rather cold. The constant rain and early sunset doesn’t help either. Now first world problem- what on earth is the best outerwear to beat such weather…that it is rainy, windy and cold but still staying “fashionable”? My answer is always a parka. I have a collection of coats, long, short, cropped, thick, thin….all sorts mainly because weather here in London is so unpredictable, and the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is way too big, you can keep your summer/autumn wardrobe pretty much the entire year, all you need is a...
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Wardrobe essential- pull on flat boots

OK – shoes. I have to say, a pair of black suede pull on flat boots are the world’s easiest shoes to wear. it simply goes with everything and anything. Problem is there is rarely a pair of comfortable and reasonably priced simple pull ons that can go with your wardrobe. But lately, I found this pair on one of my favourite online shops ASOS and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday with everything. Just to give you an idea, I like doing it my way- easy and comfortable. so I had been wearing them with my grey high waisted stretchy torn jeans (I ripped the other side of the jeans myself because I like it that way more), also from ...
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