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Come Dine With Me

Sharing is caring! In Asia, we are very used to the sharing concept. In the West, while people love gathering around for food, it is not that common to order sharing plates. When Market Hall comes into the scene, it slowly revolutionizes the food scene in London. What is very familiar to us- a food hall, is new to Londoners. Says in the name, Market Hall, is a market within a hall. After the success in Fulham, recently opened is the new Market Hall in Victoria. Right opposite to one of the busiest main transport hub, Victoria station, the space that was an Edwardian shopping arcade, a restaurant and a club since 1909, now house...
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Hidden gem in Copenhagen, Denmak- Nimb Hotel

  Tivoli Gardens is one of Copenhagen’s landmark. It is an amusement part that has opened since 1843. Third time around my visit to Copenhagen, I still didn’t get the chance to enter the park for a visit. But it wasn’t until I arrived then I realized Nimb hotel is actually inside the garden, and hotel guests have a special entrance via the hotel. During my visit, I had the pleasure to stay at the Nimb hotel, I have to say I’m really impressed by the character of this luxury hotel. In contrast to D’Angleterre which was very elegant and posh, Nimb hotel has a very different type of personality to offer. You might want to ask...
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Travelogue- Bern, Switzerland- Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern

Every city has its own story to tell, so as every hotel. Visiting Switzerland without visiting the capital city Bern isn’t complete. So I decided to hop on a train from Zurich (now I call it my third home), and walk around the historical city. Chosen by the Switzerland’s federal parliament as the capital city in 1848, Bern is actually a very small city, the old town is classified as a UNESCO World Cultural heritage site. Staying at the most luxurious hotel in Bern, Hotel Bellevue Palace is every bit a palace. Situated on top a little hill next to the river Aare, the location and the view is impeccable- you basically see the ent...
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