The COVID-19 situation has put the world on hold, this is the time where taking care of yourself is even more vital.
Wherever you can, do not forget to look after yourself.

I am stranded back home due to the global flights cancellation situation, and as if the Universe has prepared, my small gift package from Skinkissed arrived in time when I finished up my travel sizes skincare.

Like many, I am sceptical every time I try out a new skincare brand, because many of you may have experienced at some point, it can either make or break your skin. The millennial style gen-Z packing of black and bold pink and green fonts definitely do not scream dollar signs- in fact, the Vegan & Gluten-Friendly brand is going for the affordable, down-to-earth route where you can find the products in retailers such as and Superdrug apart from their own online shop.

Skinkissed Products Range
The gift package I received consist of their best-selling “miracle” serum, the charcoal eye patches and vitamins.

After finishing almost all the products, here are my fair share of how I feel about each of them.

  1. Vitamin C SerumHailed as the miracle serum, a formula developed alongside dermatologists and pharmacists sourcing the highest quality of Vitamin C also known as ‘Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate’. This type and source of Vitamin C ingredient are rarely used in skincare due to the high costs for the raw ingredients.
    On the website, it claimed it can help with :
    Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Hormonal Spots & Inflamed Skin, Dry Skin, Breakouts & Blackheads, Acne Scarring, Pigmentation, Eczema & Blisters, Stretch Marks, Scald, Surgical & Hyperplasia scars.Feedback from over 10,000 customers reported92% Noticed Visible Results In one week93% Had An Improved Complexion Or Radiant Glow

    91% Said It Felt Amazing

    I do agree with all of the above. While my skin condition and complexion are not too bad to start with, there are some dark spots and pores visibly seen, and mine is not an acne-prone skin type so there may be one here and there every now and then. It does amaze me a little, that after the first night of applying the serum, I woke up a visibly smoother skin.
    After finishing the bottle, my skin did not miraculously transform into flawless, but they didn’t turn any worse. Some of the spots like I said, seems to have been lightened.

    The verdict: It visibly improved a bit but not a drastic change. Worth a try at £24.95, last you over a month based on the daily day and night usage of a few drops. For a serum, it is not the cheapest but definitely I’ve seen much more expensive.

  2. Eye PatchesOn the website it claims to help: Removes Dark Circles Around the Eye Area, Effectively Relieves Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Improves Elasticity and Firmness, Deep Purification, Tightening & Firming,Bring a Youthful and Radiant Look. These eye patches are formulated with natural ingredients containing bamboo charcoal extracts and active elements that hydrate, regenerate and energize your under-eye area. Hence the black colour. It is a cute big tadpole shape eye patch, which I find them dry out quite quickly after applying under my eyes. Maybe that is a sign that my undereye area needs hydration. One box of these comes with a very generous amount of eye patches soaked in serum, a plastic scoop for easy separation of the stack of eyepatches.
    I did notice a little improvement but again, not drastic. That is also heavily due to my messed-up body clock, and insomnia. No products will be able to sort that out. It is worth a try at £21.99, it will last you over a month at least if you use it once every week.
  3. Vitamin GummiesCruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly vitamin gummies in pink heart shape are set to melt the heart of many. Designed for those who were looking for easy to take vitamins without the struggle of swallowing pills. The brand claims it can help improve overall health & achieve clearer and flawless skin. This vegetarian formula is based on clinical trials that have shown these ingredients to help improve skin & general health. They’re flavoured with natural strawberries for a sweet taste. I never really believed in vitamin gummies for a few reasons :
    1. I believe in a balanced healthy diet- everything your body needs should be covered.
    2. No matter how natural all these gummies are, there are a lot of artificial ingredients for making them into gummies. I’m not a huge fan of having that many gummies, to be honest.
    3. If your body needs all those vitamins and are in deficit, chances are there will be some weaknesses or signs that your body is telling to look at it; having a vitamin gummy might not fix it right away.
    4. Most of these supplements, in my opinion, have more a placebo effect than a genuine one.Now, of course, I am neither a scientist nor a nutritionist, but growing up as a professionally trained swimmer, I was taught from a very young age the importance of a healthy balanced diet and workout routine. It wasn’t until 5 months ago when I went through a massive change in life (relocation to another country without a place or a job fixed), it drained all my energy, messed up my eating and workout routine, and it took a toll on my body. My immune system had become weaker, my hair and nails had become more brittle, and I fell heavily ill twice in a year as soon as I could finally start to relax. That was not good. So a good friend of mine suggested me to consider taking some vitamins supplement that may help me to get through my flu easier, and she even bought me a bottle as a Christmas gift. That’s how I started giving them a try.

    When I finished this bottle of gummies, again I did not see a drastic change in my skin, definitely not flawless. But I cannot truly tell if it’s the gummies not having an effect, or down to my self-isolation snacking and the habit of making bad food choices.

    The verdict: It’s really a personal choice of taking supplements, to me, it did not give me the flawless skin I had hoped for, at £19.95 for 30 days’ supply, it is still a healthier choice than many other things.