Busy bees who jet-set around the world must have experienced the unbeatable jetlag. I used to never have the issue and always managed to dive straight into work or get on with the day, yet age has definitely caught up with me and my jetlag has become rather uncontrollable.

Being introduced to the recently launched ERW, the team behind attempted to tackle this issue with a very scientific approach and a solid reason.  Hannah Grant, highly acclaimed chef who pioneered “performance cooking,” met Stacy Sims, a scientist at the forefront of performance nutrition research. Before meeting, they were both heavily involved in the grueling professional cycling scene. Hannah’s performance cooking technique forever changed the way that pro cyclists eat. Working for Stanford University and USA Cycling, Stacy’s research spawned an entirely new generation of hydration products.  The two hit it off immediately and set out to explore ways to improve the performance of cyclists by reducing the effects of physical stress and dehydration. During their research, they looked into the impact that jet lag has on athletes who travel the globe to compete. From this, they became aware of the massive effect dehydration has on the body when flying.

After conducting more research, we realized that dehydration has a much more significant impact on the body during long-haul flights than was previously thought. This discovery led the duo to create My Flight Pack.  By combining trailblazing sports science with world-class culinary expertise, they have developed a solution that successfully tackles jet lag and travel fatigue through hydration. Being a sportsman myself, I agree that dehydration and travelling exhaust your body, and deprive your performance if you are not looking after the nutrition side well enough.

Flight Pack
The flight pack comes with 3 satches, Prep, Wake and Rest, there is also a reusable bottle for those who are on-the-go. As they are being named, each satche serve its own purpose, so you can either take them all as a “dosage” or mix and match according to your needs. I was given a pack to try it out as I was travelling in between countries on a weekly basis last month, despite all the short haul journeys, each travel still takes a lot of energy out of me.

I took them with me to a recent trip to Rotterdam and tried out 2 out of the 3: Prep and Wake. The Prep one is meant to keep you hydrated, intended to prepare your body for the long haul flight. So I tried it when I knew I had a full day schedule out and about without much chances to have a glass of water. Of course, nothing beats drinking proper water, at least I did not feel like I was craving for water every 2 hours after drinking the mango flavoured suppliment in the morning. The next day I tried the Wake, a cinnamon coffee-taste coffee that is meant to wake your body up and allow you to be more focus and sharp. I did notice a little uplift of energy but I wasn’t entirely sure if it was from my good night’s sleep before or the boost of this drink. Either way, it was very drinkable and smells really nice.

A simple pack filled with consicously designed minerals and nutrions packed suppliment, backed by research, trial and experiments. It might not be the magic pill that stops you from getting any jetlags immediately, but if it helps to stay more focus, regulates your body and sleep pattern, and hydrated, these gluten free satches are worth giving a try. Eventually when your body takes in the right nutrients, it will perform well.

As for the Rest, I haven’t given it a go, simply because I had been too exhausted that I passed out as soon as I hit the pillow.