Meet Bruno, the new Room Mate in Rotterdam.  Located on Pakhuismeesteren in the area of the Kop Van Zuid next to the Maas River, this luxury hotel is transformed from a former tea warehouse of the Dutch East India Company.  The area is an architectural hotspot where you can walk among the buildings of the most famous architects of the world, such as Rem Koolhaas, Cruz, and Ortiz, Renzo Piano, Muller, Droogleever and Fortuyn. The design of this spectacular boutique hotel, created by Teresa Sapey studio, combines tradition and innovation, as soon as you walked in, you’re welcomed by the vibrant colour of the spacious interious design, lifting up whatever your mood is.


Every floor and section at Bruno is divided by a different pantone colour, and within each room there is a harmonious colour palette. The combination and bold usage of colours striked me most- not many luxurious hotel dare painting their entire wall into vibrant red, sharp yellow or midnight blue. I personally love it so much. Each of their 217 rooms are designed with historical detail:  a journey represented by naval battles and colonial trips, nautical elements such as navigation charts or the constellations used by sailors.

Blue carpet with light sky blue curtains



But who is Bruno?

Bruno is a handsome, energetic and adventurous ship captain whose biggest challenge has been to go around the world. He is an observer, he loves to look at the stars in the middle of the ocean or to immerse himself in the bazaars of the center of the most recondite places. In this hotel located in an old spice warehouse, you will be enveloped by the scent of India. Located in the port area of Rotterdam, you can stroll along the wharf Wilhelmina, one of the most regenerated areas of the city and now hosts a multitude of cultural and design options. This place is one of the few historical remains that remain in what is known as Dutch Manhattan, where you can stroll among buildings of the renowned architects Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster or Renzo Piano.

The cool thing about Room Mate Hotels is that every hotel in different city has a unique name and character. The latest one opened in Madrid is called Alba. Located in one of the most opulent, renowned historical buildings in the Letras neighborhood, Room Mate Alba preserves the elegance of its original 17th century features, such as its façade, staircase and hallway. It is situated on Madrid’s Calle de las Huertas, an area brimming with pedestrians and famous for the literary quotes engraved along its sidewalks. Its welcoming atmosphere, numerous restaurants and rich history, make this the ideal location for the hotel chain.

Contrasting to Bruno, Alba, designed by interior designer and antique dealer Lorenzo Castillo, is inspired by a unique mix of Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Arabic styles, which are at times combined with little regard for conventional rules or measurements. A fine example of this style would be the gentlemen’s lounge in Madrid’s Royal Palace, where guests would meet to smoke and discuss politics after dinner, and where King Alfonso XII commissioned a Japanese-style décor featuring wooden paneling and oriental-style lacquer paints, a lounge that was tragically destroyed during the war. The 19th century Alfonsino style, being a very typical style of Madrid, it is also very international, as all over Europe and America there was a growing trend to revisit past eras. This decadent style creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere by combining burgundy, orange, terracotta and green hues in prints that recreate the patterns found on traditional Isfahan rugs.