London is a city where there are so many surprises waiting to be found. My latest excursion was lunch at HIDE. I have walked past this place many times, heard about this restaurant for a while, yet I never had a chance to visit. Finally, I managed.

‘The food I cook is entirely product-driven, taking the very best ingredients, questioning why we like them, and then highlighting those qualities in the most organic, restrained manner. It is food you can’t recreate at home, but it is also food that respects the integrity of the ingredient and the toil that goes into producing them.  The opportunity to collaborate on Hide: the challenge and possibilities were too compelling to deny. I have the same hunger now as I did when I first put on an apron, and look forward to creating a thriving business, sustainably operated & enjoyed by all.’ Ollie Dabbous

This Michelin- starred restaurant and bar opened in 2017 by Hedonism Wines and Ollie Dabbous is beautifully set over three floors, right across Green Park in Central London. Divided into Above, Ground and Below, each of these floors offer different menu within this relaxing and refined space, flooded with ample natural sunlight.

I went for a set lunch at Above, everything was beautifully prepared with the option of matching wine.  Whether you chose set lunch, 5 course or 8 course tasting menu, all comes with vegetarian and vegan alternatives, the attention to detail, the photogenic presentation and high quality food made with fresh ingredients designed with creative recipe is purely sublime.

We had a best view across Green Park on a sunny day, slowly but surely took our time for lunch. One after another dish was presented to us with surprises. The service was definitely impeccable and thoughtful. For a set lunch menu at £48 per person, this one Michelin star restaurant is definitely worth a visit! It is very rare that you find such a great quality Michelin restaurant in central London with such good value for money.

A thoughtful touch of the restaurant where they offer few types of charger.

Another little touch

Ground, often being seen as the heart of the restaurant, is a more informal setting for everything from breakfast to dinner. Whenever possible, everything is made in-house with seasonal ingredients largely sourced from UK small farmers and suppliers.

HIDE Ground Interior

The staircase is one of the iconic landmark of the restaurant.

As for Below, the basement bar is a wind-down place for a classic cocktail or rarest spirits.  With London’s well-loved Hedonism Wines’ incomparable wine list, any bottle available in the Mayfair store may be reserved and delivered to the restaurant during your visit. The focus of the cocktails at Hide is flavour where the changes seasonally so they can always use their favourite ingredients when they taste their best.

One more hidden gem? There are few rooms in the restaurant that is available for private dining.The Broken Room, The Shadow Room and The Reading Room are all located in subterranean vaults, serve up to six people, and offer food from Hide Ground. The Hide and Seek Room on the mezzanine offers a private dining experience
for up to 20 people, serving dishes from Hide Above. Need a centrally located venue with hearty fresh food and impeccable service for your next party or dinner? Look no further.