I love Soho. As a Londoner, Soho is so much fun and never too much.
Every other week there are new cafes and restaurants popping up, every weekend there are parties and the area never sleeps.

The Nadler Soho - Exterior

On a recent visit, I had to chance to stay at The Nadler Soho. I’ve walked pass it many times when I was living around the area but never had a chance to visit. Here I am, at the back of a small alley in the heart of Soho. I know the aree by hand, so for me, navigation was not an issue at all.

Nadler Soho Bedroom

The bed is so comfortable I melted among the duvet…

The Nadler Soho doesn’t have a restaurant unlike many other hotels nearby, but being in the heart of Soho, you literally have everything on your footsteps. So what they do is to partner up with many in the area, offering discounts or special arrangements for hotel guests. Some offer priority reservation, some offer discounts, some offer welcome drinks, you can either check on the website list or simply ask the concierge team to make a reservation for you. Eating out in Soho can be expensive, thanks to the hotel guest offer, more options are available and making it budget-friendly. If you stay longer, the room I stayed has a small pantry too. So if you’re in a rush or hungry at night, you can easily make some simple food. Breakfast, provided by Scarlett Green, can be ordered at an extra cost and have it sent to your room the next morning or walk 2 mins from the hotel with a pre-book reservation. Loving the idea of having options and flexibility, no?

Nadler Soho In-room Pantry

It is not your average luxury hotel in Soho. Nothing really fancy about this hotel but every space is designed for sharing and practicality. The lobby is a big space where you can also have a quick meeting with your friend or client if you’re on a business trip. More leaning towards a business apart-hotel, The Nadler Soho offers the best of both worlds. You get the comfort, the location, the convenience but also the quietness. Yes, quietness in the heart of Soho.I had the best sleep in weeks in that room. Many may have a misunderstanding of staying in the buzzing Soho must unbearably loud at night. Well depends on where you are, but trust me, even the busiest street have peaceful hours. It may only mean the quiet hours arrive later and the hustle starts earlier when compared to other boroughs.

The Nadler Soho - Reception

Due to the size and scale of the hotel, the concierge team made every effort to ensure a personal stay. I have stayed in many hotels and the ones that win my heart are usually the ones with a genuinely friendly and amazing hotel staff team. There’s no need to put the guest up on a pedastal or offering royal treatments, as simple as remembering your surname, remembering the previous conservation and some small details, keeping the simpliest promise as in they actually call you when they say they will to let you know the room is ready. That all happened during my 2 days short stay at The Nadler. When I arrived early in the morning the room wasn’t ready, which I was told already, so the concierge offered to call me if the room is ready a little earlier than the usual checkin time. I was nearby running errands anyway, so I went back at the time he mentioned, he was on the phone about to call me to inform me that, and my suitcases are already in the room with some chocolates and a bowl of fruit waiting for me. When I left again, they cheerfully greeted me and welcomed me back when I return at night. Now you may think these are simple things, precisely- these simple touches are not always to be found everywhere.

I have now moved away from London but I love that area so much, it feels like home everytime I return. Not only I will recommend to my friends who are going to visit London, I myself will consider making it a regular “home away from home” for my future visits.

The Nadler Soho

10 Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BR

Phone: +442036973697