Designed by Studio Liaigre, who seamlessly blended a French aesthetic with British architecture and Chinese cultural references. The high ceiling and original features of the building gave the restaurant a spacious feeling, even with the dark colour tones, which is an unusual choice for most Chinese restaurants, there are still lots of light.

London has probably one of the largest Chinese community in Europe, while it certainly does not lack the mass option of Chinese food to choose from, very seldom they live up to the authentic tastebuds of the locals. Chinese food has such a wide variety of dishes and ingredients, tastes and method of cooking differ geographically, it is hard to create a place that suits both the Chinese and Europeans.

Good news is, the multi-award winning Michelin Start restaurant, Imperial Treasure (御寶) has opened its first European restaurant in London. Since the establishment of their first restaurant in 2004, Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group has been living and keeping up to the highest possible standard.  For the London outlet, award-winning restaurateur, Alfred Leung has spent a significant amount of time choosing only the best seasonal ingredients, sustainably sourced fish and live seafood to serve all customers, including Gillardeau oysters from France, Iberico pork and A5 Wagyu beef.

While you wait, or just go for drinks, why not explore the wine and cocktail options. Expertly curated by world-renowned wine expert Poh Tiong, the drink list covers some finest Old and New World wines, award-winning reds from China and English sparkling varietals as well as over 22 available by the glass, including a Chateau d’Yquem 1998, an impressive collection of over 30 Japanese and international rare whiskies as well as a selection of Asian-inspired classic and contemporary cocktails.


The Michelin Restaurant is housed within this stunning Grade II listed building on St James’s Waterloo Place.

Known for its fine-dining quality and menu, we went for a little tasting in the London Imperial Treasure.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, I know my food, especially at a Chinese Restaurant. We ordered a few dishes and to my surprise, they are really tasty and authentic. There are some dishes that was done with a twist, but it worked really well. What I really love about the dishes, is that they are served sizzling hot (which is very important in Chinese food), and the portion is good for sharing. You can taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients and pretty much, the chef must be Chinese, or an expert who has lived and be immersed in the Chinese food culture for a while.

Chicken soup with chinese cabbage. Properly made, not using instant chicken stock and the richness of the taste is rare to find in London.

Xiaolong bao (pork dumplings with soup), fried lobster rolls, and prawn cheung fun. The dumplings are nicely made and served really hot, but the wraps are a little too thick (which is very normal here, afterall London is very far from accessing to many ingredients in Asia). The fried lobster roll is similar to our beancurd roll (腐皮卷), crispy and juicy. Portion is perfect for sharing. The prawns cheung fun is a very nice surprise. It is actually more like our cheung fun with fried dough (炸両), but mixed with prawns in the middle. Crunchy and hot, and the skin is thin and non-sticky. I would definitely recommend ordering this.

Here is a closerup of the prawns cheung fun for you.

Char Siu / BBQ Iberico Pork  and crispy pork belly as we all know in Hong Kong. Juicy and very tender meat.


Sauteed beef tenderloin with garlic, an easy tasty option for the less adventurous ones.

This, is one of their signature dessert. Steamed charcoal bun with custard (黑金流沙包). Freshly made and tastes amazing. Not only the presentation is posh and regal, you barely taste the charcoal and the custard is melting hot.

There are, of course a lot more on the menu that we could not try. One of their signature dishes is the Peking duck actually. We didn’t have a chance to try for lunch, but we saw customers from the next table ordered one, it looked very fresh and crispy. And its one of the rare places in London where they serve 2 courses with the duck.

Other than a la carte, there are also some set menus for larger groups or customers who just want to have an idea of what the restaurant offers. Price wise, even it’s Michelin starred, it is not as bad as one would thought. I mean, there are lots of Chinese restaurants around the world that charge much higher for an unknown reason. If you worry this place is a rip-off, I can guarantee it isn’t. It is as authentic as you can find in Central London within this Chinese fine-dining Michelin category.

An example signature set menu- offering a variety of dishes and it can be shared among as little as 2 people at an affordable price.

The restaurant also has another level for private parties. Of course, there will be a minimum charge, but it is just a nice place to host events or dinners with your family and friend while being looked after and served with fine quality premium Chinese sharing dishes.  So next time when you head over London and want to enjoy a proper decent Chinese dinner without having to scream or yell, be rushed and cramped with the next table, you know where to go.

A gorgeously designed chic round table that can sit at least 14 people.