There is something about a royal connection; everything the royals touch somehow seems to turn into gold. Founded in 1929 by Giovanni Quaglino, a restaurateur from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, the London iconic restaurant Quaglino’s became a haven for Royalty throughout the years.  The Queen and Prince Phillip visited in 1956; Hollywood legends, the political elites, and celebrities such as Judy Garland and Angelina Jolie were also guests, after the restaurant reopened in 2014, Prince Harry was among one of the first ones through the doors.

Currently owned by D&D London, Quaglino’s is synonymous with style and glamour, something very old school but modern at the same time. In the heart of St. James in Central London, the place is popular for post-work drinks, dinners, brunches and even private events like weddings. “Last year we told the history and the heritage of Quaglino’s to the world through our cocktails, today we want to contribute to promoting sustainability awareness among those who follow us.” says bar manager Marco, who co-leads the bar team together with Head Mixologist Federico Pasian came up with the latest cocktail menu “The Science of Sustainability”. Now the team is touring around the world to host pop-ups in prominent bars from Florence to Singapore, and on 12th May, for one day, they will be landing in Hong Kong, at J Boroski with this drink below from the menu.

A thought-provoking menu in three parts that explores global environmental issues of the past, present, and future through cleverly designed drinks. From pinpointing the key factors in human history that have contributed to global warming to looking into new challenges we may face and a hopeful look into the technological and scientific advances that will produce a greener more sustainable world for us all.

The team used inventive techniques such as milk clarifications, sous vide infusions, and butter washing, the menu has been designed to be as much a visual experience as one of taste and flavour. From root infused drinks that symbolize deforestation, to futuristic bespoke serves that represent the mounting problem of space debris, unusual ingredients and thoughtful flavour combinations are matched by ingenious presentation. Each drink was inspired by an article written about environmental issues, paired on the side of the ingredients on the menu. Here is one example of how the menu and cocktail look :

The Q Project – one of the cocktails in the Present part of the menu

Havana 3yo, Sous Vide Banana, Amontillado Sherry, lime, Jaggery and chocolate bitters

“Ending poverty and achieving shared prosperity will require more than economic growth, it will require less fortunate people themselves to be at the heart of the solution.”

This is in collaboration with The Hunger Project UK, a donation of £1 to charity will be made for every cocktail sold.

On that note, the bar has teamed up with Hunger Project UK and food waste collection service, Indie Ecology, making sure that every aspect of the menu adheres to the values of its message. Metal and pasta made straws are lowering wastage. Local, organic products are used everywhere possible to reduce transportation costs and the menu itself is made out of recycled materials.

The Q-Project

Negroni Riposato

One for all (for 4-6 to share)

Holey Relief

One of the most detailed cocktail menus I’ve seen, it surely has a lot to take in. I would suggest keeping the menu with you the whole night to keep on reading, that is, if you are not distracted by the live performance on the stage every night. You can also join in for a little dance in front of the stage especially on a Friday night, or just chill and watch the crowd from the Bar above. As far as royalty and celebrity citing goes, didn’t have any luck the night I visited. Maybe you will.

16 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AJ