hummel HIVE SS19

Back in 1923, Albert Messmer developed one of the first football cleats in the world, together sith his brother Michael Ludwig Messmer, they founded the company Messmer & Co. that would go on to become known as hummel. A Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball, gone from being German to becoming Danish, this one of the oldest teamsport brands had been worn by big football teams like Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspurs, Aston Villa, and the Danish national football team and today the sponsor of some the biggest clubs and players within handball. Signing the first sponsorship deal in 1968, fast forward over 90 years to date, Hummel has not only maintained its Danish heritage but also reinvented sportswear into fashionable everyday cool pieces.

hummel HIVE SS19

A brand with almost 100 year history yet very new to me (yes I know…!!), there is so much more than just sportswear and football gears. Athlete heritage, Danishness, Authenticity- the core values of the brand that they apply to not only products but projects and sponsorships they work with. What I admire and respect the brand the most is their whole Karma philosophy. The current owner of the company being a Buddhist believes in giving back to people and organizations with the right and most commendable causes. They have only the best intention while incorporating into the company’s events and projects to make a positive impact. They had initiated and supported several projects focusing on changing the world through sport via sponsorships in poor and war-torn countries; always with the hope to build bridges and help pave the way for a better tomorrow. For them, sport is a universal language with the strength to eliminate differences in politics, culture, religion and beliefs. By using sport to create borderless understanding, respect and unity, from Afghanistan to Sierra Leone, they support projects that help people live out their passion for sport, they are making real changes in the world. In a connected world, they believe this will act as a boomerang of positive change for everyone.

hummel HIVE SS19

hummel, perhaps very well known to football fans, is very known for and prided itself in doing things a little differently, with a twist and a bit of Character. In hummel, it is divided into 3 units – working with SPORT, KIDS and STYLE.

SPORT makes team kits, sponsorship activation and performance wear like the ones worn by the Danish national team.
KIDS , mini-me fashion and sport wear for kids
 from 0-16 .

STYLE covers hummel HIVE (a more fashion focus division) and Sport Style (for more sportswear focus) and then they have collabs and for SS19 is a collaboration with New York Menswear Designer Willy Chavarria.


hummel x Willy Chavarria collaboration

The collaboration with Willy has been launched since July 2018, it identifies football as a global game of unity that transcends race and class. As a continuation of his FW18 season, the collection is branded with the numbers 5683 which are the numeric corresponding numbers for L-O-V-E on the American digital keypad. A story of global connectivity is found throughout the collections messaging. As part of the hummel team sponsorship program, Willy and hummel will be offering sponsorship to New York City football players both documented and undocumented U.S. citizens offering support to immigrants often slighted by discord in American politics. Along with this collaboration they did a series of campaign even with #spreadthe5683



hummel HIVE explores the balance and relationship between fashion and sports, the SS19 collection is inspired by a group of players off-pitch getting ready for matches. Football-inspired collars, exaggerated silhouettes, colour-blocking and logos, highly wearable and functional pieces with proper Scandinavian minimalistic cool and style. The bright yellow as a key colour, pays tribute to the hummel bumble bee- a logo from the past decade, a contemporary approache with a nostalgic tone.

hummel HIVE ss19

hummel HIVE SS19


SPORT STYLE stays true to their Scandinavian design roots, digging deep into the archive and reinventing every piece down to the details, designing a collection of authentic, athletic sportswear that is functional and chic. Inspired by the 80s and 90s archive, the SS19 collection uses stretchable lightweight fabrics, merged with modern, clean and streamlined Danish design simplicity. The retro-colour blocking gives the strong minimalistic look and vibe that makes you cool even in sportswear.

Sport style SS19

Sport Style SS19


We all know sportswear has a certain vibe, and they can be very cool. Now that they come into fashion, wearing proper sportswear has never been more on trend. I am a strong believer in comfort is key- you can be stylish and fashionable and comfortable at the same time, if you are not a huge fan of head-to-toe sports attire, the collection at least give you options of versatile pieces to style with your other outfits.