“I’m singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin’ …”

Remember the scene where Gene Kelly dance and sing in the movie Singing in the Rain (1952)  ? You might have wondered how glorious it is to dance in the rain when you get absolutely soaked and need to get on with your day? Ok, it IS actually quite fun to play in the rain, but realistically speaking there aren’t many chances we can do that. Danish brand RAINS, specializing in raincoats might be a solution for you to really do that (I’ve tested it trust me).

Based in Aarhus, Jutland, RAINS launched with just one product in 2012: a poncho. The season after, RAINS launched with a full collection of waterproof apparel, bags, and accessories. Breathable, fashionable, light; each product becomes a celebration of precipitation and the opportunity that lies within a rainy day. Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, RAINS practices an uncompromising approach to the simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance. The 6-year-old brand is of the opinion that proper rainwear need not come at the cost of considered design, continues to provide a mix of revitalized designs from rainwear archives and original rainwear solutions.


Thermal collection.


The brand successfully made raincoats officially fashionable and cool again. With its quality waterproof products ranging from multi-colour palette raincoats, tote bags, travel bags, wash bags to cardholders, the brand is determined to create products that can let you get on with daily lives in a fashionable manner. Denmark is a country where it rains a lot, and pouring down for hours in between sunshine is just any average day, as a biking-friendly country, people need to be able to function outdoor too in whatever weather.

We visited the headquarter in Aarhus and it’s not difficult to see the coherence in simplicity and functionality tied closely throughout the office and translated onto the products. The office is clean and tidy, minimal but everything works perfectly and is placed where they need to be. The warehouse was the most impressive place- thousands of boxes piled up in one huge warehouse, probably tens of thousands of products, but only a few staff working quietly inside. The silence, the cleanliness and the tidiness of that warehouse is seriously top-notch. Spotless clean, everything systematically organized and not a trace of trash or waste paper on the floor to be seen. I don’t remember how many times I’ve mentioned to the team, this is only something possible in Scandinavia.

The brand has such a consistent personality and it proves yet again simplicity is key. From the office setting to the products, everything is designed with the functionality, practicality, and simplicity as a priority- and they all, in turn, shows just how effective things are when you keep them simple.

RAINS produce a monthly print journal covering architecture, art, and lifestyle with gorgeous photography and deep dive articles.

The brand offers a customization service which is free of charge and can be used for both new and pre-loved Rains jacket and accessories. At the moment they are touring around with their Edit-machine to visit all their stores and stops for two weeks at each destination. Having visited seven of their stores, their next stop is Paris, the tour will continue as they grow. By the end of the year, there will be a total of 20 RAINS concept stores across the world with one of them located in Hong Kong.

The Shanghai Store- first and only one in Asia


This is my customized raincoat, you can get yours done too for free in the store too.


Its safe to say now I am a converted RAINS customer, it really is a product you can’t go back once you’ve tried on, especially when you live in a city that rains the majority of the time.