There is something about scented candles and diffuser that is so addictive. That slight scent comes along with the breeze every now and then at home, is relaxing, uplifting, soothing…however you feel.  Recently I’ve been introduced to a new English candle brand – Chelsea Candle. Based in Kent, England, the brand was founded by Chelsey O’Nell, who was previously a Production Manager working in London. At the beginning of 2015, she packed up her life in London and moved back to the beautiful English coast in Kent where Chelsea Candle was born. Using only high-quality soy wax and fine fragrance oils, the scent has a solid tone that even a small glass can be good for a bedroom. Being environmentally friendly, the glasses and packaging are made with recycled materials and their votive glasses are 100% recyclable.


The scent is always a very personal and subjective thing, similar to perfume- they often trigger some memories of something that you can relate to. It can even bring you to the exact moment in life, place and who you were with, and more importantly, how you felt at that time. From freshly cut grass in summer to autumnal and wintry scents, every scent from the newly launched Memories Collection is inspired by the memories and nostalgia of the founder Chelsey. The most recent scent English Countryside, with notes of moss and cut grass, obviously inspired by the English Countryside as the name, reminds Chelsey of “those outdoor days, playing in the park, water fights, long dog walks, bbqs and pub lunches in the Kent countryside.” Sounds like very good outdoor days to me!

The brand also has many other scents- Wedding favours with  “Bride to be” (Coconut, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Freshly Cut Grass, Ginger & Lime, Gooseberry & Elderflower, Green Tea & Lemon, Honeysuckle & Jasmine, Latte, Pink Grapefruit & Basil) ; “Bridesmaid” (Freshly Cut Grass, Ginger & Lime, Gooseberry & Elderflower, Green Tea & Lemon, Processo & Clementine, Tuberose, Wedding Day) and “Maid of Honour” that adds a touch of Coconut scent. There’s also more countryside inspired scents such as “Sea Salt & Woodsage” that was the childhood memory of Chelsey growing up on Kentish coast playing with her siblings; “Fig & Tonka”, a combination of Chelsey’s favourite dessert fig tart and Tonka bean essential oil that she uses to relax.

A small tip from the brand? They like to use their mini glasses to grow mini plants in and the larger ones as drink tumblers. Don’t just throw away yours yet 😉 The products are currently stocked in Urban Outfitters throughout Europe and their own online shop, ranging from mini candles to diffuser, next time when you visit one in Europe, be sure to check it out!