Earlier on I wrote something about how I keep my damaged hair look healthier, and here is the second part of another product line that I use religiously. Working in the industry as an editor gives me the opportunity to have access to many different brands and products. I had been given a sample size (again!!) at one of the press days, it’s a blow dry cream from this hair brand 72Hair which I haven’t heard of.  Knowing what specific products I need for my bleached blonde long hair, I am always quite reluctant to test them out especially I haven’t heard of the brand before. But this is a blow dry cream, so I thought there couldn’t be any harm, because if anything that’s more damaging to my hair, is the heat coming from the dryer. So I gave it a try, AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PRODUCT, ESPECIALLY THE SCENT OF IT.  I still don’t know what is that scent but it smells so good and it last throughout the day, and, I’m not joking, when freshly applied, it does leave a trail of that scent.

After I’ve finished my sample size, I re-ordered the full size online, and for some reason, I made a mistake on paying the international shipping instead of local, so I got a call from the customer service team letting me know about this, and offering me other products worth same value instead. (How nice and honest are they, come on!) I explained to them my hair’s situation and I only use specific products, so the team was very understanding and sent me one of their best selling products- the replenishing mask and repairing oil.



I had the pleasure to meet one of the owners of 72Hair earlier in London. The brand is a family business with three generations of hairdressers in the Green family over 40 years of experiences. Gary has a worldwide reputation for styling excellence, with salons in Miami as well as London. Matt is one of London’s go-to colourists, and now educates others to follow in his creative footsteps. Johnny is the brand’s ingredients expert, selecting the finest elements to make up the professional formulas; and Nick is passionate about communicating 72 Hair’s philosophy. It was Nick that I met with, and he told me a beautiful story behind creating the brand and why it’s named 72 Hair. They come from a spiritual family who believes in giving and 72 is a very meaningful number to them. The products were created with the best intention to provide the best formula to users, and the energy behind is purely out of the love of hair.


With all the preparation and looking after my hair carefully, I went for another bleach earlier last week, and my hair is so strong that even my colourist and hairstylist were surprised and very pleased.